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Incidence and Case-Fatality of Stroke on the East Border of the European Union

Show simple item record Kulesh, S. D. Filina, N. A. Frantava, N. M Zhytko, N. L. Kastsinevich, T. M. Kliatskova, L. A. Shumskas, M. S. Hilz, M. J. Schwab, S. Kolominsky-Rabas, P. L. 2016-09-14T08:36:06Z 2016-09-14T08:36:06Z 2010
dc.identifier.citation Incidence and Case-Fatality of Stroke on the East Border of the European Union / S. D. Kulesh, N. A. Filina, N. M. Frantava, N. L. Zhytko, T. M. Kastsinevich, L. A. Kliatskova, M. S. Shumskas, M. J. Hilz, S. Schwab, P. L. Kolominsky-Rabas // Stroke. – 2010. – № 29. – Р. 2726-2730. ru_RU
dc.description case-fatality, epidemiology, incidence, population-based, stroke ru_RU
dc.description.abstract Background and Purpose The epidemiology of stroke in Belarus is unclear. Therefore, a population-based register of stroke was set up in western Belarus to determine incidence and case-fatality in a defined urban population. Methods-The Grodno Stroke Study is a prospective community-based research among 311 134 residents of the city of Grodno, Belarus. Standard definitions and multiple overlapping sources of ascertainment were used to identify all cases of first-ever-in-a-lifetime strokes in all age groups occurring between January 1, 2001, and December 31, 2003. Results-During 3 years, 2069 cases of first-ever-in-a-lifetime strokes were registered. Mean age at stroke onset was 65.8± 11.6 years; rate of hospitalization was 89.7%. The crude annual incidence rate of first-ever-in-a-lifetime strokes for the study period was 222 per 100 000 (95% CI, 212 to 233). Incidence adjusted to the European standard population and to the World Health Organization world standard population was 287 per 100 000 (95% CI, 274 to 301) and 220 per 100 000 (95% CI, 210 to 231), respectively. The 28-day case-fatality rate was 26.1%. The prevalence of hypertension among all first-ever-in-a-lifetime stroke patients was 87.5%; 529 (25.6%) were current smokers. A total 23.1% of patients had atrial fibrillation, 19.1% had past myocardial infarction, 14.7% had diabetes mellitus, and 22.1% had hypercholesterolemia. Conclusions -High incidence and case-fatality rates determine the considerable burden of stroke in Belarus and might at least partly be related to the high prevalence of risk factors among the population. ru_RU
dc.language.iso en ru_RU
dc.title Incidence and Case-Fatality of Stroke on the East Border of the European Union ru_RU
dc.type Article ru_RU

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