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dc.contributor.author Tishchenko, E.
dc.contributor.author Surmach, M.
dc.date.accessioned 2017-04-10T08:38:52Z
dc.date.available 2017-04-10T08:38:52Z
dc.date.issued 2009-02
dc.identifier.citation Tishchenko, E. Health of young family as the basis of demographic safety of Belarus / E. Tishchenko, M. Surmach // Problemy higieny epidemiologii. – 2009. – № 2. – S. 175-179. ru_RU
dc.identifier.uri http://elib.grsmu.by/handle/files/2148
dc.description demographic safety, family, health of youth, reproduction of the population ru_RU
dc.description.abstract The study purpose was to indicate basic directions of the Belarus demographic safety problem decisions. Materials and methods. The indicators of reproduction of the population of the country for the last sixty years and the indicators of the children and youth morbidity were analysed. A thorough analysis was made of the dynamics of the basic problems of reproductive health (sexually transferred infections morbidity, HIV, abortions, pregnant women's health) and mental health of the Belarusian youth. The features of the population behaviour in relation to health and family formation were studied. Results & conclusions. On the basis of the received results it has been established that the majority of the factors menacing demographic safety of the country are of medical-social character, and their elimination requires complex state measures. Basic measures are as follows: 1. Responsible attitude of young people to their health formation and maintenance of conditions for its realisation. This will allow the improvement of prepregnancy health of youth, health of pregnant women and, consequently, health of the children. 2. Promotion of families with many children, decrease in the percentage of the families formed as a result of pregnancy, increase of the importance of an officially registered marriage. The directions indicated for the given problems will raise social stability of a family and will result in the birth rate increase. 3. Promotion and formation of responsible parenthood. The problem is crucial in the children health care and in decreasing the number of pregnancy terminations. ru_RU
dc.language.iso en ru_RU
dc.title Health of young family as the basis of demographic safety of Belarus ru_RU
dc.type Article ru_RU

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